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Dart's charter is to provide the widest possible range of services related to the capture,  processing and presentation of data.

This broad focus encompasses industries that  may  have specialist needs such as financial services, transport, media or marketing.

Integration and collaboration is an important part of our concept of service.  We will pick up and hand back projects at any stage of the process that suits the client.  We will assist with the collection of data,  process data that has already been collected or analyse data that has already been processed.

Collection may require an online or web based facility, mail services or field staff .

Processing may be from printed forms, voice files or call centre ops and be key punched or scanned.

Dart can provide basic analysis of collated material including AV presentations.  Advanced analytical skills include cross tab or multi variate charting, decision tree modelling and spatial and link analysis.




Survey design and implementation

Name & address capture

Accounts  processing

Application forms

Donor processing

Voice transcription

Database design & administration

Market research

Online survey hosting


Reward schemes

Data analysis

Mail provisioning

Fax service provisioning & broadcasting